Coffee Pre-order Information

You can now order coffee via text message and pay on pickup. Please allow 10 minutes for preparation time.

Coffee Size

Any size, black: $4.00

Small (6oz): $4.50

Medium (8oz): $4.80

Large (12oz): $5.20

Tea (any size): $4.20

Added Extras

Extra shot: $0.50

Caramel shot: $0.50

Alternate Milk: $0.80


Milk Available

Bella Vacca full cream
Oat Milk
Soy Milk
Coconut Milk
Almond Milk

Coffee Style

Flat white
(with choc. or cinnamon)
Hot Chocolate
Americano (black)
Long black (black)
Esspresso (black)

Please text your coffee order to 021 047 9933 in the following format:

Size, Coffee Style, Milk, Extras, Order Name.